Blackstone River and Canal Heritage Park

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Located on over a thousand acres in the towns of Northbridge, Uxbridge, Millville and Blackstone, Massachusetts, the Blackstone River and Canal Heritage Park is owned and managed by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management. The park includes restored sections of the Blackstone Canal and Tow Path.

River Bend Visitor Center Begin your tour at the River Bend Visitor Center - a converted barn at the former River Bend Farm. River Bend Farm was established before the Revolutionary War and was typical of the rural farms that developed in this area prior to the industrial revolution. The visitor center contains information about trails, picnic areas, canoe launches and other programs available at the park.

Stone Arch Bridge The visitor center provides easy access to the trails along the Blackstone Canal and Tow Path. To the south, visitors can follow the canal to the Stanley Woolen Mill. The owners of the Stanley Mill purchased water rights from the defunct Blackstone Canal Company and converted the canal into a power trench to supply water to power the mill. The Stanley Woolen Mill produced wool fabric at this mill for over one hundred years.

Goat Hill Lock To the north are the Stone Arch Bridges and the Goat Hill and King Phillip Trails. The Goat Hill Trail follows the path of the Blackstone Canal along the west side of the the Blackstone River to Plummers Landing - a general store and warehouse serving area farmers. Along the trail, hikers will pass the Goat Hill lock - one of forty-eight locks built by the Blackstone Canal Company to move canal boats up and down the 438 foot difference in elevation from Providence to Worcester.

Hiking the Goat Hill Trail The King Phillip Trail travels along the east side of the Blackstone River to Lookout Rock. Lockout Rock was used as a lookout post by the Wampanoag Indians during the King Phillip War. It offers a beautiful view of the Blackstone River and the surrounding countryside.

The River Bend Visitor Center is open daily at 287 Oak Street, Uxbridge, Massachusetts. For additional information, contact the Blackstone River and Canal Heritage Park at (508) 278-7604.

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