Located at the tip of Point Judith, Narragansett is known for fishing, boating and beautiful beaches.

The Towers At the turn of the century, Narragansett was a summer resort for the rich, with large Victorian cottages, expensive hotels and a casino. Evidence of this era still exists at the Towers that span Ocean Drive and in the many Victorian cottages that still exist in the area.

Scarborough Narragansett has miles of shoreline and many beautiful beaches. The Narragansett Town Beach, located in the shadow of the Towers, attracts sunbathers, swimmers and surfers alike with its clean white sand and crystal blue water. Near by are the Scarborough, Roger Wheeler and Salty Brine State Beaches.

Port ofGalilee Generations of fishermen have worked the waters of the Point Judith Pond, the Rhode Island and Block Island Sounds and beyond at the edge of the continental shelf. Galilee, located on the Breachway in between the Point Judith Pond and the sea, is one of the largest fishing ports on the east coast. There is also a large charter and excursion boat fleet.

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